Shepherds pie
mama's meatloaf

Our mouthwatering meatloaf topped with caramelized onion demi-glace. Served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables  GF

tofu adobo

Firm tofu simmered in our spicy adobo sauce with kimchee cabbage slaw. Served over rice with roasted vegetables GF

mac n cheese

Creamy five cheese mornay. Served with a house salad

Pork adobo

Pork shoulder in a spicy soy, vinegar,and garlic marinade slowly braised to perfection. Served over brown and wild rice and seasonal vegetables GF 

roasted half chicken

Spiced apple brined half chicken. Served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables  GF

Hearty blend of ground lamb and beef, vegetables and herbs in a savory sauce topped with buttery mashed potatoes    GF

small bites
baby meatloaf

Our famous meatloaf in meatball form with a sweet and tangy sauce for dipping. Served with focaccia 

roasted garlic

Whole roasted garlic served with an herbed chevre and focaccia

roasted beet bruscetta

Roasted beets, herbed chevre, and dill on flatbread-


Our handmade flatbread with onion-jam, herbes, and chevre baked to golden perfection and topped with fresh arugula 

Mushroom Flatbread

Blend of local and regional mushrooms sauteed in white wine and garlic, chevre and parmesan cheese, and arugula

smothered potatoes

Bacon, five cheese blend, roasted potato wedges


*all burgers made with local grass-fed beef, served with house side salad or home fries


Sauerkraut, cran-apple butter, horseradish aioli, bacon, swiss 


Maple peanut butter, bacon, apples, arugula 

3b burger

Blueberry-onion jam, bleu cheese, bacon, and arugula 

Kulshan beerger

Savory sauce made with local beer, smoked cheddar, bacon, lettuce, onion, and tomato 

Earth burger

Housemade veggie burger, arugula, tomato, avocado, and a lemon-caper aioli  

vegan burger

House made with rotating seasonal ingredients, tomato jam, sweet onion slaw, vegenaise, arugula 













Eating raw or under cooked food may cause food born illness but seriously, it tastes good so est it how you like

salad nicoise

Tuna, bleu cheese, tomatoes, green/black olives, roasted baby reds, green beans, roasted beets, and pickled eggs on mixed greens with honey-shallot vinaigrette 

House salad

Mixed greens, pickled carrots, pickled fennel, cucumbers, and honey-shallot vinaigrette 


Mixed greens, parmesan, and croutons with housemade caesar dressing 

farro and kale

Farro, mixed greens, pickled carrot and fennel, avocado, toasted sunflower seeds, and creamy green garlic dressing 


Mixed greens, roasted chicken, bacon, bleu cheese, olives, tomatoes, and a tomato vinaigrette 


Mixed greens, roasted beets, arugula, horseradish-tarragon vinaigrette, bleu cheese gratin 

Soup du jour

*served with a hunk of foccacia

Cup or bowl